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Are you looking online to get custom Granite bathroom countertops? 

Look no further as Tile Zone is all here to assist in turning your bathroom counters into simply something magnificent and striking. Our customers consistently keep on telling us how much they adore spending quality time in their bathrooms and the compliments they get from others after the renovation. With customer satisfaction assured and quality always in our mind, we are assuredly Houston’s most reliable and preferred mediums for granite fabrications, installation, and countertops.


Granite Bathroom Countertops:

Granite, also been reckoned as the hardest natural stone meant to be accessed across for kitchen and bathroom countertops, is durable, scratch-resistant and comes in a variety of variations and colors. As no two slabs of granite will be similar thus every granite design will be unique and distinct. Also, it can be provided in different finishing like honed, polished, leathered and more. Being maintenance-free, least porous and stain resistant, the granite countertops are going to last for years and will be in the exact same condition.

At Tile Zone, we can assist in the installation, fabrication, and fixtures of quartz countertops for the bathroom as convenient in the appropriate way. After checking out the exact dimensions at your place, we will give you a free estimate. Our specialists used to hand-cut the exact dimension of the granite slab for the countertops that could make space look unique and attractive.

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