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Porcelain tiles are generally made by pressing porcelain clays and baking at a higher temperature in the kiln than for most ceramics.  The tile is dense, impervious, fine grained, and smooth with a sharply formed face.  The color may run consistent through the body of the tile (full-body) to minimize the appearance of chipping.  
Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder and have more wear- and damage-resistance than ceramic tiles, making them suitable for any residential and light commercial application.  Glazing also results in a Porcelain tile usually having a much lower water absorption rate than ceramic tiles, making them more frost resistant though not frost proof. 
The benefits of Porcelain tile include greater wear-resistance due to the hardness and full-body color.  Porcelain tiles may take on the appearance of natural slate and other types of stone.  The durability rating usually starts at 5, which makes them the hardest wearing tiles on the market

Class 0    Generally not recommended for use on floors
Class 1   Light traffic, for residential bathroom floors
Class II   Medium-Light Traffic, residential interiors with the exceptions of kitchens, stairs, landings and areas near  external entries
Class III   Medium-Heavy Traffic, all residential applications.  Commercial applications which are similar in traffic to residential    applications.  Specifically excepted are areas of prevalent circulation or turning points
Class IV   Heavy Traffic, all residential and most commercial applications such as the public areas of exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shops and schools.
Class IV+   Extra Heavy Traffic, all residential and commercial applications similar to Class IV where extra durability may be required.

Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Wear Ratings, the current rating system for ceramic tile, is the only reliable gauge for consumers to use in determining wear expectations for a particular tile application.  PEI has developed a rating scale that can effectively guide any consumer through the process of choosing the right tile for their particular application.  This rating system is shown below and recommended by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM C-1028-89).

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Porcelain Tiles


Inspired by the look of real fabric, Axis is a sophisticated and beautiful porcelain series that is soft and smooth to the touch and it will add a modern look to any residential or commercial space. This brilliant new tile with its neutral color palette, is a great addition to our porcelain collection.


Concrete series takes inspiration from modern urban cities. It captures the intricate man-made characteristics of concrete and presents them in an HD Ink Jet porcelain tile offering a vast range of texture, color, form, and possibilities. Concrete is available in 24x24 and 24x48 large format size in both matte and semi-polished finishes, as well as a 11.69x12.40 Hex sheet with a matte finish.


Dolomiti’s outstanding achievement lies in it’s ability to accurately depict the look and feel of natural slate’s flaky layers which are vividly reproduced with the help of the latest HD Inkjet technology. This series consists of four distinctive tones that are both texturally dynamic and highly detailed. It’s textural range includes a dense veining that helps accentuate its underlying earth tones in a variety of sizes that include 12”x24”, 16”x32”, 3”x24” Bull nose and 2”x2” mosaic on 12”x12” mesh sheet. Dolomiti can be used for commercial and residential applications.


Over two years of extensive research and product development have resulted in a product situated at the cutting edge of high definition digital technology. Our goal was to produce colors and shades typical of Apuan Marble that retain high fidelity of the natural stone. The result is a new dream like collection: Dreaming. This series is available in three versatile colors in two finish and size combinations matte – 30x30 and polished - 29x29.


Fabrique is created using the latest HD Ink Jet technology featuring a tight weave natural linen look. This is a glazed porcelain tile and it is available in 12x24 and in coordinating trims. Suitable for commercial and residential applications.


The style of the masterpieces of classical architecture comes back to life with Gemstone, a floor and wall collection of glazed stoneware, produced using the revolutionary HD Ink Jet technology. The final product reproduces the effects of the finest marble and travertine, combined with the strength and durability of porcelain. Luster and veins of marble are reinterpreted to combine tradition and innovation, elegance and comfort. Gemstone is available in size 24x24 polished finish. This product is rated for residential and light commercial use.





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