Top Three Myths About Small Kitchen Remodeling

Starting down the road of a kitchen remodeling project can seem overwhelming and scary. If you’re not familiar with the renovation process finding a trusted kitchen remodeling contractor can be intimidating. And that’s not even starting on the horror stories people like to share about their terrible small kitchen remodeling experiences. We are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be all bad! We’re going to bust some of the common myths about small kitchen remodeling, well remodeling any kitchen really.

Myth #1 Custom Cabinets Are Always Best

Custom cabinets are the talk of kitchen remodeling news. You will hear many people exclaiming that custom kitchen cabinets are superior to prefabricated cabinets in your small kitchen remodeling project. The truth of the matter is that while custom cabinets are lovely and it is nice to be able to have every detail exactly as you always dreamed, there are many lovely options where prefabricated cabinets are concerned. You can find incredible storage options and great functionality and style with prefabricated cabinets in your Houston, TX small kitchen remodeling project. We suggest talking with our kitchen remodeling contractor about what the best option for your project will be.

Myth #2 A Kitchen Island Is A Need Not A Want

We all love a good kitchen island. They add counter space and storage, and are a lovely focal point for your kitchen, but is it a necessity? Absolutely not! If you’re reading this article, you may be working with a smaller-sized kitchen, a small kitchen especially is not ideal for an island, there simply isn’t room. But even in some larger kitchens, having an island is just not ideal. There may be an awkward layout. What is more important than having an island is ample storage, a good-sized sink and enough counter space to work comfortably in the kitchen.

Myth #3 White Cabinets Look Best

We agree that white cabinets are beautiful, but the truth here is that white cabinets show stains and splatters much more easily than other color choices. White cabinets do stand the test of time, and if you are struggling on committing to a color at the time of your kitchen remodeling project a white cabinet offers easier flexibility to change up the color down the road. But to say the white cabinets look best in your Houston, TX remodel is just untrue. There is a world of color possibilities out there and so many of the options look stunningly beautiful. What matters most is what is right for you and your home. Talking to your kitchen remodeler about current color trends will help you in choosing the best color for your kitchen.

When it comes to your kitchen renovations the truth is that whatever works best for you is what is right for your remodeling. Staying up on current trends and fixtures will add value to your home and will look beautiful as well, but you want to enjoy your space. To help you make these tough decisions it’s a great a idea to search for kitchen remodelers in your area. A quick google search for “kitchen remodelers near me” is bound to give you a plethora of remodeling contractors to look at. Its always a great idea to check on reviews before you commit to working with a contractor. If you’re in the Houston, TX area we would love to work with you can see how we can help your big or small kitchen remodeling dreams come to fruition.